Our Team

Welcome Note from the Board of Directors:

Assalamu Alaikum! 

The Fullerton Masjid, the original home for Cham Muslims of the surrounding cities in Orange County since the 1980s, has had the privilege of many dedicated administrations over the years. 

Looking Back 

Cham Refugee Community of Fullerton, est 1984. 

Vietnamese Muslim Community, est 2004. 

Islamic Center of Fullerton, est 2017. 

Moving Forward

Cham Muslims of Fullerton, est 2022. 

Also known as: The Fullerton Masjid and The Fullerton Muslim Community Center

The new administration would like to welcome all to our Fullerton Muslim Community Center. With continued religious services and family-orientated programs offered, the Fullerton Masjid aims to be a center of Islam and a community of resources for all Muslims in the region.

Current Board of Directors:

  • Munir Gojali – President
  • Hashem Shokair – Vice President
  • Heir (Azizah) Cha Tu – Treasurer
  • Supiadah Jacques – Secretary
  • Tiaminah Sagoleh-Oum – Secretary
  • Amina Fields
  • Davoud Tu
  • Abdulrahman (Jakhman) Ysa

Current FMCC Committees

  • General Advisory Committee
  • Religious Advisory Committee
  • Bylaw Advisory Committee
  • Ramadan and Volunteer Committee
  • Information Technology and Social Media Committee
  • Fundraiser and Donor Relations Committee

If interested in joining any committee, becoming a member, or learning more about the current Board of Directors, community programs and the mission of FMCC, please email: fmccmasjid@gmail.com

Jazak Allahu Khayran!

Humbly in your service,

The Board of Directors